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How to make chicken tikka masala


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Three-day halal festival draws around 7,000
As part of an international movement to showcase Malaysia’s largest halal expo, Halfest Malaysia, Japan kicked off Halfest Tokyo at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center, in Ota Ward, from Nov. 27 to 29 under the theme “Gateway to Japan Halal Food Market.”

The expo hosted 95 halal-certified small- and medium-size enterprises from Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and China at 101 booths and drew about 7,000 patrons over the three days.

Products and services displayed ranged from foods,

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List of Leading Halal Food Suppliers in Japan

Halal Food market in Japan has grown tremendously in recent times, thanks to the growing Muslim population in the country and also to an increase awareness of the meaning of Halal among the Japanese consumers. Few decades Japan was completely naive to the term Halal but it is now easier than ever to find Halal food of your choice. Many of the importers of halal products are now also serving as halal retailers. Below is the list of leading halal food suppliers in Japan that also offer online shopping and delivery service.

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Benefits of Halal Meat – From Japan’s Standpoint

For Muslim, eating halal meat is a big deal because for them eating halal meat is a clear order from the Holy Quran. In other words, it is something nonnegotiable though meat is not forbidden to be consumed by Muslim and they know exactly about the health benefits of red meat. However, the number of people outsides Muslim circle also decided to choose halal meat over non-halal meat, not because Holy Quran ordered them to do that but because they realized about the health benefits of eating halal meat.

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